Welcome to Skyspyders… and our website of fine wheel thrown pottery.  

You'll find that our pottery is unusual.  It's functional (food safe, lead free, and dishwasher, oven,
and microwave safe), and it's quirky and fun.  We start with a lump of clay, shaping and glazing it to reflect our
idea.  Then we display our work so you can select your treasure and decide how it's to be used.

We love to experiment to create unusual items for your use and enjoyment. Our work incorporates you as an
integral part of the process. It has been amazing to us to see a piece we designed with one function in mind, be
assigned a variety of other functions by you. So if you see an item and think "that would be good as a ...", please
don’t be limited by our imagination! We love your creativity and want to hear your ideas. It energizes us.

We attend several shows in Connecticut and the surrounding states.  Please click on our Upcoming Shows tab
to see where you can find us this year.
Fine Wheel Thrown Pottery
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